GENERAL CLASSES (Technique for body and feet)

  • Clases de técnica de pie para escenario grande
  • Clases de técnica de pie buleria sevilla
We study different flamenco rhythms seeking clean footwork, speed, ease and flexibility in the movements
Todos los días, de 10:00 a 11:30 h. de la mañana

Flamenco Sevilla
Clases Flamenco en Sevilla con Manuela Reyes
Seguirillas. Estudio de Antoñete

In these classes we study different palos (flamenco rhythms / styles), seeking clean footwork, speed, ease and flexibility in the movements. Whether destined for a large or small stage performance, the same types of movement exercises are used.
These are two hour classes that go from Monday to Friday and are divided into two parts:
Technique for body
In the first hour we work primarily on the body, exercising legs, waist, torso, arms and neck (the entire body). In this warm up we take account of the possibilities of each student, and proceed accordingly into the class.
Afterwards, we practice the exercises and variations that have been worked on, and depending on the palo or rhythm used, we give them a choreographic sense.
This class gives each student the possibility to express herself totally through her own body, within the language of flamenco.
Technique for feet
In the second hour, the work is focused more on the feet: The warm up consists of a few simple exercises for feet combined with arms, where we search for coordination, expression and subtlety in the sound.


This is a fairly easy class, whose goal is primarily to work towards the precision of the sound and the movement, as well as strength, subtlety and endurance.
These classes give the student the possibility to assimilate specific movements and be able to improvise, using them naturally, organically.
These general classes can be divided into a 1 two-hour class or 2 one-hour classes. In these classes we usually work on the following styles of flamenco: buleria, alegria, tangos, tarantos, tientos, soleá, soleá por buleria and seguirilla.