Principles of teaching

There are three things that separate a great flamenco dancer from others: having one’s own style, being a good Flamenco "Aficioná" (loving flamenco with heart and soul), and feeling this dance. These three characteristics do not go unnoticed in our classes, because we understand that this is where the legacy of the flamenco spirit resides.


It is very important to me that every student (future dancer) acquires her own style. This is the reason that I try to let the feeling in the dance of each student flourish. In order for a dance to be natural, feeling and sincerity must come from within, using one’s own body language.

Therefore I try to draw from my students the most positive expressions in their bodies. Instead of imposing the teacher’s style on them, I give them, from the very first moment, exercises and movements that they can be inspired by and can interpret to express their own flamenco through their own language.

Estilo Propio en el baile del Flamenco de Manuela
Estilo Propio en el baile del Flamenco de Manuela


A dancer must be an artist and must be honest with oneself. For this, one must have heart, rhythm, control, devotion, strength and weight. The most important thing, in my opinion, is that the dancer is a good Flamenco afcionado, dedicated to this art, being natural, having personality, discipline, perseverance, patience and presence.
These aspects are of an extreme importance to me and must be acquired as early as possible: which is why this is the first thing that we work on in the classes.

Una Gran Afición por el Flamenco
Una Gran Afición por el Flamenco


Without feeling, flamenco is nothing and this is why we work on this aspect in our classes. As a teacher, I am only the magnet that pulls out of every student what she has inside. Through physical exercises and sweat, I oblige her to attain the limits of her potential, so that little by little each student starts understanding herself, and working at her own rhythm.

Manuela y sus alumnas de sus clases cultivando el sentir el baile a flamenco